Cantonment Board has a Vital Responsibility for Managing the land, it acts as a bridge between the civilians and the military, it has the responsibility to administer the demographic and Geographic well being of the civil Area with an additional responsibility of the cleanliness of the military area with the help of Conservancy Agreement. Cantonment Board Mhow is situated by 1818 is a military body created under statute as a result of the treaty of Mandsaur between the English and the holkars who ruled Indore .It has a Civil Population Approximately 69281.

In Addition to all those specified it also has the said responsibilities depicted below:-

To assist the CEO in discharging duties under the provision of Cantonments Act.

To regulate the holding of Board meetings & Committee meeting in accordance with the business regulations of the Cantonment Board, Mhow.

The electoral rolls are prepared and published on 15th September every year.

After elections are announced to make arrangement for conducting of the Cantonment Board Election.

Maintenance of Records of Birth and Death and issuance of Certificates, operation of State Government Scheme Viz Social Security Pension. Old Age Pension etc.

To maintain the General Land Register of the Cantonment Board Mhow.

To renew the expired Leases.

To process cases for conversion of Old Grant terms into Free Hold Rights.

To process cases for amendment in GLR.

To process cases of reconstruction and re-erection of Houses in Civil area.

To carry out all development, maintenance repair work in the Cantonment area and also to carry out original works in Mhow Cantonment Area.

To ensure proper water supply in the Cantonment Area.

To ensure proper streetlighting in the Cantonment Area.