Mhow used to be the Fifth Division of Southern Command during the British Raj. Mhow was a Metre guage Railway District Headquarter during the British raj after 1947. It gets its etymology from Mahua tree which grows in profusion in the forests around Mhow. Mhow's Exterior is the place for a great beauty, it has the personifration of beauty as has the spots like Patal Pani fall,Mehndikund fall,Choral Dam, Nakheri Dam and Many more . Adding more beauty to Mhow is its connection with the said"Father of Constitution"Mr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar who was born here at Mhow. Mhow has its far reaching eminent influence in sports. Eminent olympian Gold Medal winner Hockey star Shankar Laxman is also a son of Mhow. Mukesh Kumar, One of India's top Golfer belongs to Mhow. In 2004 Olympics Rajywardhan Singh Rathore won Silver Medal is posted here at Mhow at that time and London Olympics Silver Medal Winner is also getting his Training in AMU Mhow.

Army War College Infantry School and Military College of Telecommunication Engineering are the three Premier Institute of Indian army which train the Cadets for the most hard times . The Few characteristics of these institutes is as under:-
The Infantry School:- The Infantry School is the alma mater of the Indian Infantry which is the spearhead of the Indian Army. It conducts courses related to the infantry for officers of the various regiments of the Indian Army. The Commando Wing of this school is in Belgaum, Karnataka. The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) which has produced many medal winning shooters for the Army and for India is a part of The Infantry School Mhow.

Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE):- It is the alma mater of the Corps of Signals. The Corps of Signals is like the nervous system of the Indian Army as it is responsible for communications. MCTE and was known as the School of Signals till 1967. MCTE conducts telecommunications and Information Technology courses for officers, JCOS, NCOs and soldiers of the Indian Army. Officers and men from other countries also attend courses here. It also trains cadets for a Bachelors degree in engineering. These cadets get commissioned into the Indian Army's Corps of Signals on completion of their training. They are known as the 'Information Warriors' of the Indian Army.

The Army War College:- The Army War College was known as the College of Combat till 2003. The Army War College conducts three courses-the Junior Command (JC) course, the Senior Command (SC) course and the Higher Command (HC) course.