As per section 8, 9 and 21 of Registration of Births & Deaths Act 1969 it is mandatory that every birth and death taking place anywhere in India must be registered with the Registrars appointed by the respective State Governments under the ambit of this law for the purpose. Failure to comply the directives mentioned above is liable to be punished in accordance with the section 23 of the Registration of Births & Deaths 1969. For all the births and deaths taking place within the Cantonment, the registration shall be done by the Chief Executive Officer, who is ex-officio registrar for the purpose of the Registration Act 1969. Though the information regarding births and deaths taking place anywhere in the Cantonment can be submitted to the Registrar by anybody but the responsibility to give the information rests with the following, in case of Residential or non-residential house - Head of the house or house-hold. Hospitals / health centers / nursing homes etc. - Medical Officer-in-Charge. Jail - Jailor-in-Charge. Hostels / Dharamshalas etc. - Person in-charge. Village - Village headman. Else where - In-charge of local police station. Issuance of Certificates certificates in respect of births and deaths registered with the Cantonment Board are issued by the Chief Executive Officer on payment of fee as given below: Grant of Birth/Death Certificate Rs 100/- (if Urgent Within 24 hours) Rs 10/- (for the application form). The Responsibility Of the Citizen is as follows
  • (1) Every death and birth in the family must get registered.

  • (2) The registration of the birth of a child should be done as early as possible and subsequently his or her name should also be got registered

  • (3) Registration is also required for still birth and adopted children

  • (4) Erroneous entries must be rectified at the earliest.

  • (5) Do not give any incorrect information to the registrar.

  • (6) Do not leave any column blank in the registration form