Cantonment Board-

For every cantonment there shall be a cantonment board. Every Board shall be deemed to be a municipality under clause (e) of article 243-P of the constitution for the purpose of-

(a) receving grants and allocations.

(b)Implementing the Central Government schemes of Social Welfare,public health,hygiene,safety,water-supply,sanitation,urban renwal and education

Incorpotation of Cantonment Board-

Every Board shall by the name of the place by reference to which the cantonment is known,be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire and hold property both moveable and immovable and to contract and shall by the said name,sue and be sued.

Constitution of Cantonment Boards-

Cantonment shall be divided into four categories,namely:-

(i) Category I Cantonments, in which the population exceeds fifty thousands;

(ii) Category II Cantonment,in which the population exceeds ten thousand,but does not exceeds fifty thousand;

(iii) Category III Cantonments, in which the population exceeds two thousands five hundred, but does not exceeds ten thousands;

(iv) Category IV Cantonments, in which the population does not exceeds two thousands five hundred.