Applicant Applies for the Mutation with the Requisite information.
The Person on the seat of Lands Clerk will check all the documents. ( Registry, Sale deed, etc)
After when the Document being verified then the site inspection is being made.
Then Public objection Notice is issued in hindi daily a wide publication News Paper and waiting period of 30 days is started after Notice .
When objection not came then it will be forwaded to Board Meeting for Consideration.


Sanction to the erection or re- erection of any building in the Cantonment shall be refused unless the following directions are complied with :-


Dwelling Houses.
  • More than three stories shall not be built.
  • The height of the building both in front and rear shall not exceed 11/2 times the width of the street (measured from drain to drain exclusively) or open space on which it abuts plus 11/2 times the depth of any set backs (provided it is throughout the entire length of the building) subject to not more than three storeys being built. The height shall be measured from ground level to eaves level in the case of pitched roofs and to the top of the parapet wall in the case of flat roofs.
    Provided firstly, the height of the parapet if an open one shall not be included in measuring the height of the building.
    Provided secondly, that a one storeyed building 10 feet high may be built, irrespective of the width of the street or open space on which it abuts.
  • Every room in the house shall be not less than 10 feet in height measured from the surface of the floor to the under side of the beam on which the roof is supported or to cases level in the case of pitched roofs.
    Provided, that rooms on the topmost storey may be 9 feet high.
  • Every room in the house shall have a superficial area of not less than 100 sq. feet.
    Provided, that rooms marked on the plan as intended for cooking bathing and storing purposes may have a superficial area less than 100 sq. feet.
  • Every room shall be provided with doors or window openings of not less than 1/10th the floor area. Generally.
  • In the case of a pitched roof the angles of the pitch shall not exceed 450 (half of the span) or be less than 221/2 (1/4 of the span).
  • All external and party walls shall be of a minimum thickness of 131/2 inches.
  • The line of frontage with neighbouring buildings abutting on a street shall be parallel to the line of the road.
  • The ground floor shall not be less than 6 inches above the ground level.