The most important function which makes Cantonment a valuable organisation is its service provided for the cleanliness of the town, Waste of any type be it the solid waste or liquid waste is managed by the sanitation. The wastage disposition is collected out in various steps, Firstly the garbage is collected by the storage points and open vehicles, and then it get accumulated in larger vehicles an then transported to the isolation ground for its proper dispose, It gets worked out with the help of available staff and resources, The services being provided by the cantt board includes road sweeping, drain cleaning, Cleaning of group latrines ,septic tanks, soak wells and urinals."Green Cantt" is the motto of Cantonment Board Mhow,that's why for the commitment for environment .A huge drive will be carried out every year, thousands of saplings got trenched in such that we will get fruit as a healthy environment ,Fire-Brigade service is a also being provided 24*7 to safeguard the place with the impromptu catastrophes, The facility of the water tankers is also being provided when the scarcity of water arises. In Addition to the above defined Work, Sanitation Section also hold the responsibility For the following:-

Watering streets & other public places.
Cleaning streets, public places & drains, abating nuisances & removing noxious vegetation.
Regulating of dangerous of obnoxious trades, calling & practices.
Removing on the ground of public safety, health or convenience, undesirable obstructions & projection in streets & other public places.
Acquiring, maintaining, changing & regulating places for disposal of the dead bodies.
Planting & maintaining trees on roadsides & other public places.
Establishing & maintaining a system for public vaccination & inoculation.
Constructing, establishing or maintaining public parks, gardens, offices, dairies, bathing or washing places, drinking fountains, tanks, wells & other works of public utility.
Reclaiming unhealthy localities.
Giving relief on occurrence of local epidemics, floods, famines or other natural calamities by the establishment or maintenance of relief works or otherwise.
Securing or assisting to secure suitable places for the carrying on of any offensive, dangerous or obnoxious trade, calling or occupation.
Providing housing accommodation for any class of inhabitants. Constructing, subsidizing or guaranteeing tramways or other means of locomotion & electing lighting or electric power works.
Establishing & maintaining cattle pounds.
Establishing remunerative projects.
Developing small scale & cottage industries.

Sanitation Schedules

Lanes, roads, small drains, refuse bins, urinals, group latrines and dead cattle in civil area :- On Daily Basis.
Anti mosquito spray through sprayer :- Seasonal or As When Required
Cleaning of septic tanks of latrines in civil area :- As When Required
Inspection of shops of merchants of food grains, vegetables etc:- Once in a Three Month.
Catching of stray cattle :- As When Required

Sanitation Schedules

Sanitary Superintndent :- 1
Sanitary Inspector :- 1
Sanitary Jamadar :- 7
Safai Karmchari :- 121
Group Latrines:- 54
Garbage Collection Points :- 24

Contact Authority         Manish Agrawal
Contact No.                         9977113729