Cantonment Board Mhow is entrusted with the responsibility of supplying wholesome water to all the residents of supplying wholesome water to all residents of the Cantonment except to those for whome dedicated supply from the MES exists .The Board maintains adequate infrastructure to cater to the Water requirements of public residing in different Localities.In addition the aforesaid duties the Canntonment Board also has a duty to:-

Maintenance of Water - Supply :-
In every cantonment where a sufficient supply of potable water for domestic use does not exist ,the board shall provide or arrange for the provision of such a supply, the board shall,as far as possible make adequate provision that such supply shall be continious throughout the year ,and that the water shall be at all times fit for human consumption,it shall be the duty of every board to practise and propogate the scientific methods of water harvesting including harvesting of rain water for use and make arrangement for recharging sources of ground water including underground aquifers and to preserve rivers,streams ,springs and other natural sources of water within and in the vicinity of the cantonment.

Board to carry out survey and Formulate proposals:-
The Board may,when so required carry out a survey of the existing consumption of and demand for water supplies in cantonment and of the water resources in or likely to be made available in the cantonment,to prepare an estimate of the future water supply requirements of the cantonment , carry out a survey of the existing quantity of Sewage collection.

Supply of Water :-
Subject to the guidelines made by the Board in this regard the Chief Executive officer may permit the owner,lessee or occupier of any building or land to connect the building or land with a source of water - supply by means of communication pipes of such size and description as may be specified for the purpose of obtaining water for domestic use, the occupier of every building soohave connected with water supply shall be entitled for the water tax ,if any such quantity of water as the CEO may determine.